Tanglewood Cedar 


Tanglewood Cedar  are based in Nottinghamshire and serve the whole of the UK, Ireland, the Channel Isles & Europe.

Our products are crafted by hand to the highest of standards, we are very proud of our Quality and design and it is our view that you will not find a better product on the market, every item we produce is designed for strength & longevity, they also look GREAT!

We only use the best materials of the highest standards & all timber used is FSC certified also fully Tanalith pressure treated and will last for 20 years, Our structural posts / main frames are made with 75mm x 75mm timbers and all the connecting points are jointed, predrilled & counter sunk then double screwed, any panelling fitted is from 150mm x 25mm and the side and front panels are also covered with log lap to create the looks of a log cabin.

Our fixing are ALL made from the highest quality A2 STAINLESS STEEL even the cedar shingle roof is nailed on using A2 STAINLESS STEEL annular ring nails.

Our WESTERN RED CEDAR roofs are our crowning glory and I am sure you will agree they look AMAZING ! They are hand crafted by using only cert grade 1 & 2 WESTERN RED CEDAR shingles which will last for over 30 years without any treatment, we have even fitted them with a hand cut cedar ridge tile to top them off.

Every item we sell is fitted with a TANGLEWOOD name plate which is your 20 YEAR GUARANTEE on the reverse of your name plate there is the production date so in the unlikely event of the product corroding in anyway and you cannot find the receipt after 20 odd years simply contact us and we will replace it.

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